In such multilateral procedure as vinification, we start choosing the proper persons, modern equipment together with complete know-how, that gives us the perfect result.
In this part of "Oinodos", just applying a winemaking technique would not be satisfactory. For this reason, we study and we are looking forward to learn everything for the grape variety we are going to handle.
Components like acidity, sugars, pH, must characteristics etc. are measured, estimated and give us the answer to the question "which technique should we apply?".
We also take care musts and wines to be contained in stainless steel tanks and the temperatures of fermentation and preservation to be propriate for the production of a quality product.
We consider our responsibility to be constantly informed for our object and international developments in the world of wine, and so we do.
Our primary goal is to produce quality wines, enjoyable, full of freshness and "character."