• Philosophy
    Many years ago, we decided to deal professionally with what was always for us a precious and favorite activity. So, in 1990, we started…
  • Vinification
    In such multilateral procedure as vinification, we start choosing the proper persons, modern equipment together with complete know-how, that gives us the perfect…
  • Grapes
    For us, everything begins and is based on the vine. In this point, we combined our many-years experience on viticulture with our knowledge,…


Welcome to Oinodos Winery


We welcome you to the website of Oinodos Wines hoping that you will have the chance to live the same unique experience as us during winemaking. From the very first time of production of every wine, we have in mind the moment when every single bottle is opened and we focus on the creation of emotions to the consumer. So we urge our visitors to taste our wines and we are sure they will feel the magic every bottle keeps in it!

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